Terme Leonardo
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Thermal Helth Tratments in Abano Terme

A wellness spa hotel in Abano Terme is exactly what everyone needs in order to take care of him or herself and live a vacation to find purification and new energy both for the body and the spirit.

Hotel Terme Leonardo, located in the heart of the Euganean Hills, will welcome you in a a green oasis of quiet and rest, being a 4 star wellness hotel in Abano Terme providing a full package of relaxing solutions: from the professional and kind staff, to all the services not only aiming at guaranteeing rejuvenation but also at helping guest’s health.

Thermal water and mud

Thermal waters are fundamental in hydrotherapy, also known as water cure.

The water of our indoor and outdoor pools, with their elements (salt, bromine, iodine) and their temperatures, are characterized by specific therapeutic qualities.

At our wellness spa hotel Abano Terme you will take advantage from the thermal water of the  Euganean basin, gaining a new life.

With a temperature of 87° C, the water is abundant of mineral substances dissolved in it, making it a unique thermal resource all over the world. The chemical classification of these waters is “hyperthermal sodiobromidiodic” and they have a fixed residue of 5-6 grams of dissolved salts per liter of water at 180°C.

Thermal water is for sure a great benefit for the health, an effective treatment for many issue. But a high-quality wellness hotel in Abano Terme offers more. Hotel Terme Leonardo, with its 4 stars, provides all its guests with thermal mud cures as well.

Ever heard about fangotherapy? The muds of Euganean Basin are applied to the body for specific therapeutic aims. They are the natural result of a mix of:

  • natural clay
  • sodiobromidiodic water
  • microorganisms

Studies have demonstrated that a fundamental part of the process is the ripening (approximately 60-90 days). During this period the muds are constantly kept in contact with flowing thermal water at a temperature of 60°C. This cause the development of particular strains of microbes able to change both from a chemical and a physical point of view the properties of the muds which finally gain their therapeutic properties.

Your wellness spa hotel in Abano Terme is waiting to welcome with its thermal water and covering all your body with a therapeutic, magical mud! Star you vacation now.